Food trend: vegetarian food

Vegetarian and vegan food is gaining popularity. We are increasingly aware of where our food comes from and what the consequences of our choices are. Where before there was only one vegetarian option on the menu, today there are completely vegetarian restaurants. You can have a delicious meal without meat.

Fruit and vegetables
Eating less animal products automatically means eating more vegetable products, especially more fruit and vegetables. Think vegetable bases for pizzas and meat substitutes. As a result, fruit- and vegetable production has risen considerably in recent years and this trend is likely to continue.

The production of fruit and vegetables often involves Baktec machines. Baktec’s ice water coolers provide cooled water in which fruit and vegetables are washed after cultivation. The chilled water quickly cools down the fruit and vegetables and keeps them fresh for longer. Baktec Ice Water Coolers are perfect for this purpose.