About us

We have been specialized in the production and development of water meters, water dosing appliances and water chillers, for all types of bakeries for more than 40 years. We cater for all kinds of bakeries, from craft bakeries in France to large industrial bakeries in China, and everything in between. Our industrial bakery equipment allows users to have optimum control over the production process which contributes to a consistent dough quality. We supply our products all over the world.

As a company, we are known for the quality and reliability of our products and services, and for providing the best service to our customers. We are a point of contact for customers and suppliers and we invest in these relationships. We support customers with detailed advice, we think proactively with customers and we ensure that everything we supply fits perfectly with the customer’s wishes, needs, ambitions and future vision.

We follow developments in technology and translate these into our products which allows us to offer innovative applications that do much more than just chilling water to the correct temperature. We have developed a comprehensive range of water mixing and measurement devices and ice water coolers, which meet all our customers’ needs. For a consistent dough hydration, you need high-quality equipment. We offer exactly that: quality without compromise.

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We believe in a world in which you do not have to worry about non-essential issues and in which you can focus completely on your craft. Our customers know exactly what they can expect from us – top-quality wholesale equipment and the best service – which we have been providing for over 40 years.

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We have acquired specific knowledge, experience and skills over the years which enable us to supply our products and services across the world and take account of cultural differences. We continue to professionalize by taking a critical look at ourselves and the food equipment we supply.

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We supply only the very best quality industrial bakery equipment by maintaining close contacts with our extremely dedicated suppliers, resellers and customers. Loyalty and reliability are paramount to us. Together we are Baktec.

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When you use our industrial baking equipment, you are always using the latest technology. We follow the latest trends and developments and incorporate these into our food equipment. This is how we can offer the latest solutions and not miss any opportunities.

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Team spirit

We are a family-run company and loyalty is within our DNA. Our culture revolves around commitment and responsibility. Fun, team spirit, warmth, helpfulness and openness are paramount to us. The stronger the team, the stronger the company.

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