Baktec introduces B6 CERES Pro

Leiden, 1 June 2021 – Today Baktec introduces their newest digital water mixing- and dosing appliance: the B6 CERES Pro. Unique to this appliance is that it is the first worldwide that doses up to 160 litres per minute with a maximum tolerance of 0,4°C.

The B6 CERES Pro gives, because of its accuracy, an optimum control over your production process. This effectively shortens production time and allows larger quantities of dough to be produced with the same accuracy.

The B6 CERES Pro is equipped with the ‘‘Injection-Mixing-Flow system version 2.0’’ (I.M.F. 2.0): an innovation whereby hot, cold and chilled water supplies are individually and continuously controlled at a temperature with a maximum tolerance of 0.4°C. This system is very accurate and achieves the desired temperature within seconds. This leads to a constant and optimal quality of the (dough) products.

The new designed enclosure of the B6 CERES Pro is specially made for the industry and inspired on Hygienic Design; the operational panel is water resistant, the dosing outlets are at the bottom of the appliance, and the enclosure has a sloping roof. Due to this sloping roof, residue from detergent, moisture and food will not be left behind on top of the appliance. Also, the B6 CERES Pro is designed with sustainability in mind, with a special water and energy saving function.

Sabine Walbeehm, Managing Director Baktec B.V.: “In the industry we noticed the increasing need to work faster and to produce larger quantities of dough. We are responding to this with the B6 CERES Pro. We had set ourselves the goal of doubling production speed and quantity, while maintaining the same accuracy, of course. I am extremely proud of the fact that we succeeded”.

The appliance can be easily integrated with various interfaces, such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.