Baktec in high temperature

In hot countries, getting the right water temperature for products is always a challenge. The tap water is often too hot and the ambient temperature too high. Sometimes the ambient temperature is as high as 40°C. Then, of course, it is difficult to get products such as bread dough to the right temperature.

Baktec has a good solution for this: Baktec’s BKL ICE EF Ice Water Coolers. The ice water coolers quickly bring water to the right low temperature.

BKL 200 ICE EF Heavy Duty
Baktec’s Heavy Duty Ice Water Cooler is a very powerful ice water cooler that features two compressors instead of one. This makes it possible to achieve very low temperatures and optimal cooling capacities. This makes this ice water cooler extremely suitable for high ambient temperatures of up to 40ºC.

The BKL ICE DUO EF model is equipped with two cooling trays and two cooling units instead of one. In other words, it is two water coolers in one! Because this model cools the water in two steps, it is possible to achieve very low outgoing temperatures below 2ºC even with high inlet temperatures. DUO EF can be connected in series, for very low temperatures and in parallel, for high flow rates.